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Shamisen master!

Siv Jensen rask illustrasjon - quick painting

Rask illustrasjon

Illustration of a friend :)



Magnus work in progress

Rask illustrasjon

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Doctor Strange illustrasjon

Doctor Strange Step 1. Work in progress

Bosto 22ux!

I've got my bosto 22UX for 2 weeks ago and here comes a short review after testing it.

For many years ago I used wacom intuos which it was "ok", then I wanted to go over to a display to draw directly on it. The Cintiq is too expensive, I tried it and was amazing, but expensive. So I decided for 4 years ago to try the Bosto 19MA. The Bosto 19 was  really good. The same drawing experience as the cintiq. The quality is good and the buttons helps a lot for drawing. The pen was good aswell.

But now over to the 22UX:

This one is absolutelly an upgrade! The display is much better, the light is better, the pen is better, more buttons (both on the right and left side) and bigger screen! I bought mine at their website:

The whole process was very good and as I expected. The service is good, this guy Andrey who is the man behind the service support for Bosto, answers all your questions and be sure you are happy with your order. The shipping was really fast, just over a week. The price is 799$ which is not even close to half a price for a Cintiq 22. And you will get exactly the same specifications as the Cintiq. The key features to know about the 22UX is that it has 1920 by 1080 resolution IPS LED panel (72% Adobe RGB gamut) with fantastic viewing angle, and 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity.
You can see all the specs here:

The package comes well sealed and everything taking care of. 

It comes with a stand support that tilts in different angles

But I use the arm which I can rotate and move more free. I love it and recommend it, though the stand support is good aswell.

It has and comes with all you need and all the cables. On the right side has buttons to configurate the display. I didnt use them though. 

The pen and the pressure sensivity is very good. I use both potoshop and corel painter and works perfect!. Its easy to set up, just install the driver and the keyroll which lets you configure all the buttons and you are ready!
It also comes with a charger for the pen, and the battery last long without charging.

I totally recommend this tablet and I dont see any reason why to spend much more money on a cintiq.


Velkommen! / Welcome!

Hei og velkommen til min karikatur/illustrasjon nettside. Jeg heter Lucas (Lukatti) og bor i Arendal, Norge.
På bloggen/hjem siden kan du se skisser, illustrasjoner som er halv veis ferdige, malerier og tegninger i forskjellige format.
Ellers så kan du se ferdig illustrasjoner/karikaturer fra forskjellige årstall på galleri siden.

Ta gjerne kontakt om du lurer på noe :)


Hello and welcome to my caricature/illustration website. My name is Lucas (Lukatti) and I live in Arendal, Norway.
On the Blog/Home page you can see sketches, work in progress illustrations, paintings and drawings in variuos formats.
Otherwise you can see finished illustrations from different years on the Portfolio page.

Feel free to contact me :)

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